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Support for Your Lab

The Fisher Scientific channel offers a customized experience, helping you:

  • Streamline your ordering process
  • Access online purchasing services
  • Find a wealth of product information

Have your procurement needs become too complex to manage with manual processes? ULS eProcurement Manager can help you identify process efficiencies while maintaining compliance and budget visibility. This pay-to-play solution is built with science in mind, giving you confidence when sourcing laboratory products. Learn more here.

Our end-to-end electronic procurement (eProcurement) solution combines product and order management, giving you the benefit of shopping online while monitoring your spend. When using this platform, you’ll choose one of the following options:

  • Hosted Catalog ­– A customized file containing fixed, preselected products with contract or list prices.
  • Punchout Catalog – A system that redirects you to our website where you can buy a wide range of products in real time at contract prices.

Punchout is supported through these and other vendor partners:


Note: Level I access only includes a punchout catalog. Level II access includes both hosted and punchout catalogs.

Punchout Features and Functionality

Sign in to your account and access the Your Account dropdown menu to:

  • Order by catalog number with Quick Order
  • Use My Lists
  • View and track orders
  • Review order status, details, and shipment tracking information

You can also search by:

  • Product name
  • Product type
  • Fisher Scientific catalog number
  • Manufacturer part number
  • Chemical name
  • Synonym

The Benefits of Punchout

Gain access to advanced features across multiple suppliers, including:

Search and Browse

  • Use advanced search to purchase products from numerous brands and suppliers
  • Browse a variety of categories and compare similar products

Robust Resources

  • Find safety data sheets and product certificates
  • Explore our value-added services, programs, and promotions

Easy Order Management

  • Experience fast and easy checkout with Quick Order and My Lists
  • Track your orders, reorder products, and use live chat support

Helpful Trainings

Understanding the Process

Our eProcurement solutions are optimized for commerce and order transparency. They provide a seamless transaction process that reduces costs, automates approvals, and gives you the flexibility to access products and services whenever you need them.


With an eProcurement system, you can purchase all products online, receive order acknowledgments, track your order status, review shipping information, and enjoy the benefits of paperless invoicing.

The Fisher Scientific team can also provide four transaction types in several data formats, including EDI, cXML, and xCBL, directly to your host system or eProcurement platform.


Implementation and Assistance

After you select an eProcurement solution, contact your Fisher Scientific sales representative or eSolutions Business Development manager (PDF, 825 KB) to begin the integration process.

Meet Your Project Team


Once your eProcurement solution is in place, contact our dedicated support team if you need assistance. They can help your organization get the most from our platform.

  • E-Commerce EDI Web Integration Support | ecommerce@thermofisher.com
    Contact this team if you're experiencing issues with electronic document transactions (purchase orders, purchase order acknowledgments, advance shipment notices, invoices).
  • Website Support | +1-877-885-2081 or fishersupport@thermofisher.com
    Contact this team if your punchout is not working as expected.
  • Customer Service | +1-800-766-7000
    Contact this team if you have a question about an invoice, order status, shipping, or mismatched fields (price, unit of measure, catalog number, line number, purchase order number).


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