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From raw materials and research to producing anodes and cathodes, battery cells, housing, and final product assembly, we offer innovative analytical equipment and supplies for battery, semiconductors, and electronics applications. You’ll also find chemicals, laboratory supplies, and personal protective equipment and safety products to meet demanding manufacturing requirements.

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Step 1: Raw Materials and Chemicals

Explore multiple options for electronic- and semiconductor-grade chemicals, reagents, metals and alloys, solvents, and organic compounds.

Top Categories

Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Reagents
Elemental Metals
Organic Compounds
Buffers and Standards

Step 2: Research & Development, Testing, and Quality Management

From environmental chambers to microscopes to electrical and lighting maintenance products, find the equipment you need to keep quality under control.

Top Categories

Environmental Chambers
Glove Boxes
IR Spectrometers
Thermogravimetric Analyzers
Electrical and Lighting Maintenance
Heating and Cooling
Lab Consumables

Step 3: Manufacturing and Production

Find a range of chemicals, equipment, instruments, and safety and maintenance products to meet your most demanding manufacturing standards and requirements.

Top Categories

Balances and Scales
Thermometers and Temperature Measurement
Dataloggers and Recorders
Facility Safety and Maintenance
Safety Cabinets

Step 4: Safety and Cleanroom Essentials

Shop our comprehensive selection of personal protective equipment as well as sterilizers, ventilation equipment, furniture, and more.

Top Categories

Sterilizers and Autoclaves
PPE Gowns, Frocks, and Smocks
Hand Protection
Laboratory Ventilation
Personal Protective Equipment

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Contamination Control and Controlled Environments

Contamination Control and Controlled Environments

Get started with the support of our expert specialists, innovative services, and industry-leading contamination control portfolio.

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Environmental Testing Methods

Environmental Testing Methods

Find water testing essentials for a variety of applications, including water and sludge analysis, contamination control, and materials testing.

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Lab Consumables

Lab Consumables

Shop a broad range of lab consumables and supplies, from spatulas, forceps, and utensils to glassware, plasticware, pipettes, and test tubes.

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Buy a wide variety of chemicals, including research chemicals, production chemicals, bulk and custom chemicals, and more, plus find resources and expertise.

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