Thermo Scientific Clinical Specimen Storage Solutions

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Thermo Scientific™ specimen storage solutions provide reliable and consistent conditions to ensure sample integrity and security and are compliant with applicable guidance and regulations. Store and track your samples with the assurance that your specimens are safe and secure.

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Cold Storage


A Better Environment Inside and Out

Thermo Scientific freezers are designed with features that help ensure uncompromised sample protection, sustainability and dependability.


Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Get temperature uniformity that adapts to your laboratory environment, protecting samples and offering significant energy savings.

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Blood Bank Refrigerators and Freezers

Keep the cold chain preserved and increase accuracy with your stored blood and blood components.

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High-Performance Laboratory Refrigerators

These high-performance refrigerators feature forced-air circulation for uniform temperature and fast door-opening recovery.

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General-Purpose Undercounter Refrigerators

Process high-quality routine laboratory applications securely, and keep critical samples close to your work place without worrying about temperature variations.

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Specimen Containers


Protect Your Valuable Samples

Thermo Scientific™ Samco™ specimen containers are sterile, particulate- and leak-free, high-quality vials for the collection and transport of valuable clinical and research samples. Thermo Scientific Samco transfer pipettes are a great complement to Samco specimen containers when liquid transfer is required.


Specimen Containers

Prevent biohazardous spills while conserving laboratory space with these stackable containers, featuring a proprietary, all-plastic, leak-resistant seal.

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24-Hour Urine Collection Containers

Alleviate mess and exposure when handling urine collection and sampling with the Thermo Scientific Samco 24-hour Urine Collection product line.

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Drugs of Abuse Testing


Collect, Store, and Transport Drugs of Abuse Samples

Thermo Scientific Capitol Vial Drugs of Abuse specimen containers are manufactured airtight and leak resistant. Capitol Vial polypropylene containers conform to FDA and SAMHSA specifications. Manufacturing is ISO 9001 Certified and dedicated to customer satisfaction through quality and service.

The Capitol Vial patented twin valve design creates a triple seal at the flip cap and vial interface giving superior leak-resistant performance.


Specimen Collection Kits

Collect, store and transport in SAMHSA compliant kits.

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Drugs of Abuse and Chain of Custody Kits

These kits are designed for secure urine collection and transport.

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Urinalysis Transport Systems

Stabilize urine specimens for up to 72 hours confidently.

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