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Having an efficient and reliable source of purified water is a basic requirement in today’s life sciences lab environment. Our wide range of water quality testing equipment and water filtration systems gives you everything you need to conduct high-quality analysis. Plus, our collection of food and beverage testing equipment and chemicals helps you increase productivity while meeting compliance and savings goals.

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Environmental Testing Methods


Quality Equipment for Accurate Results

Fisher Scientific offers essential water and wastewater testing equipment, including spectrophotometers, refractometers, turbidity meters and flasks. 

Our selection of spectrophotometers includes devices that help you maximize productivity, like the Thermo Scientific™ NanoDrop™ Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, as well as low-budget options for use in schools, like the Fisher Scientific™ Educational Spectrophotometer.

Similarly, we offer both hand-held and benchtop refractometers, like the Mettler Toledo™ Refractor 30 PX Portable Refractometer that can store up to 1,100 results, and the Mettler Toledo Excellence RM Digital Benchtop Refractometer that gives you greater flexibility and a host of additional features.

For quick and accurate turbidity readings, we offer a range of meters from Thermo Scientific, LaMotte and Lovibond. And for measuring and mixing samples, we have a variety of flasks from leading brands like Pyrex and Buchner, including shock resistant, borosilicate, PVC-coated and heavy-duty options.

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Filters For Every Lab Application

The Fisher Scientific™ marketplace carries products for all your filtration needs: filter paper, membrane filters, filter assemblies and manifolds, syringe filters, filtration devices and filtration systems. Choose quality products from the Corning, MilliporeSigma, Fisherbrand™, Sartorius™, Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™, and  Wheaton brands.

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Food and Beverage Testing


Safer Foods Start With Better Testing

Fisher Scientific has the safety products you need to optimize your sample collection and storage methods in the field and confidently test your samples in the lab. We offer centrifuges, incubators, thermometers and water baths that meet your most challenging needs and a broad selection of chemicals that yield accurate results time and again. With us, you have everything you need to test for contaminants in food and beverages, including bacteria, chemicals, allergens and genetic modification.

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