Frequently used in research, clinical, and industrial settings, laboratory refrigerators are manufactured for both general and special purposes.

Laboratory Refrigerators

General-purpose laboratory refrigerators are used to store reagents, media, proteins, and other samples and solutions. Typically, they do not include a freezer compartment. Freezer defrost cycles may affect temperature stability. Choose from upright, undercounter, or benchtop units with solid or glass doors.

Other features may include programmability, temperature alarms, defrost options, and surface finishes.

Explosion Proof Refrigerators

Precautions must be taken when cooling explosive materials. Explosion-proof refrigerators are constructed to help prevent an explosion from being triggered either inside or outside the unit. The thermostat and compressor components are insulated and the unit itself is hard-wired (no plug) to prevent sparks.

Blood Bank Refrigerators

Refrigerators used to store blood and blood components must meet the requirements of the AABB, the American National Red Cross (ANRC), and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These include:

  • Forced-air circulation to maintain temperature uniformity
  • Directional airflow for fast temperature recovery after opening
  • Temperatures adjustable between 1° and 8°C
  • Visual and audible alarms for over-and under-temperatures, power failure
  • Battery back-up system

Chromatography Refrigerators

Chromatography refrigerators are designed to control the temperature of chromatography columns during separation. They usually have glass or sliding glass doors to facilitate access and observation, and are available in single-, double-, or triple-wide units.

Features may include battery back-up, access port, and interior lighting, and alarms for temperature change, door ajar, or power failure.

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Top Categories

Top Categories

Laboratory Refrigerators

Convenient, Daily Storage

Laboratory Refrigerators

General purpose units designed for daily use in research, clinical, and industrial labs. Ideal for storing non-critical products such as reagents, media, and proteins.

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Chromatography Refrigerators

Cool Columns with Confidence

Chromatography Refrigerators

These specialized units provide temperature-controlled environments for protecting chromatography columns during separation. They may include alarms for temperature change, door ajar, or power failure.

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Flammable and Explosion Proof Refrigerators

Safely Store Volatile Materials

Flammable and Explosion Proof Refrigerators

Include features to prevent fires and explosions when storing volatile materials like solvents and intermediates. Electrical components are separate from refrigerator contents to prevent sparks.

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