Disposable Laboratory Exam Gloves

Using the right pair of disposable exam gloves is essential for personal safety and that of others in work environments such as hospitals, labs and schools. These gloves can increase comfort, boost work flow, improve production in the workplace and offer performance, protection and durability. Our selection of disposable exam gloves comes from trusted brands including Fisherbrand™, Microflex® and Kimberly-Clark™. These brands provide the high-quality safety standards required to prevent accidents in any work environment and protect what matters most at your facility.

Browse our versatile collection, including single-use exam gloves for everyday protection. You’ll find varieties available in different colors, polymers and sizes (small, medium, large, and extra-large). Users can choose from nitrile, latex or vinyl designs with options that cater to different allergies and sensitive skin, including powdered or powder-free, latex-free, sterile and nonsterile examination gloves. 


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Latex Exam Gloves

Latex gloves are widely used in medical and industrial establishments for their comfort and flexibility. They provide excellent dexterity and puncture resistance, and they are a good choice for users who don’t have allergen sensitivities. 

Our disposable powdered and powder-free latex exam gloves come in various lengths and thicknesses to provide a safe barrier against infectious materials. In addition to being ambidextrous, these latex gloves are available in a number of options including beaded cuffed, nonsterile, smooth or textured, and single-use for convenience. 


Nitrile Exam Gloves

Disposable nitrile exam gloves have many uses including medical examinations, chemical processing, inspection and quality control. They are ideal alternatives for users who are allergic to latex. 

Latex-free, nitrile gloves are often thicker than latex gloves, thus making them puncture resistant. Our broad range of disposable nitrile gloves offers different colors, sizes, materials and thicknesses. Choose between powdered and powder-free, medical-exam varieties, and general-purpose options.


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