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Discoveries start by taking a seat. Your chair, chosen wisely, can be a great productivity tool. When your body is properly aligned and supported while you work, you’re able to focus better on the job and remain at peak performance for longer periods of time. From laboratory pneumatic chairs and stools to cleanroom and ESD chairs, the Fisher Scientific channel offers a range of furniture from leading suppliers. Find your perfect seat with our Choosing the Right Chair brochure.

Lab Stool and Chair Variations

Lab stools and chairs are as varied as the situations in which they are used:

  • Adjustability: Seating may adjust mechanically or pneumatically, and most seating can rotate 360° for ease of use; some chairs and stools may have additional ergonomic features, including the ability to adjust the tilt angle of the back or seat
  • Height
    • Desk height is typically 16 to 22 inches
    • Bench height seating is between 25 and 33 inches
    • Seating for tall bench heights may range from 34 to 42 inches
    • Sit/stand seating can range from 21 to 31 inches in height
  • Frame construction may be cast aluminum, nylon-reinforced fiberglass, or plain or powder-coated steel; seating may also include footrings (for comfort and ergonomics)
  • Seats, backrests, and armrests may be made of:
    • Wood
    • Solid synthetic materials like polyurethane; these may be soil-resistant chairs
    • Upholstered fabric chairs or vinyl chairs
  • Backrests and armrests are optional and may be in fixed positions or adjustable
  • Feet may incorporate casters for hard or soft (carpeted) surfaces and may add one or more inches of height; the feet may also be fit with gliders for easy movement on hard surfaces
  • Other seating options include:
    • Cleanroom chairs are typically constructed of solid materials that can be easily cleaned
    • ESD (electrostatic discharge) certified to control static build-up
    • Weight limitations: Most seating has a maximum weight tolerance
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Shield Your Work from Contaminants

Fisherbrand Polyurethane Chair with Nylon Reinforced Fiberglass Base, Desk Height
Fisherbrand™ Polyurethane Chairs are resistant to soil, chemicals, and punctures, and feature a nylon-reinforced fiberglass base.

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Go Full Tilt on Comfort

Fisherbrand Computer Task Chairs
Fisherbrand Computer Task Chairs offer molded polyurethane foam cushions and controls for seat tilt, height, and backrest angle.

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Ergonomics at the Bench

Fisherbrand Upholstered Pneumatic Laboratory Chairs
With built-in lumbar support, Fisherbrand Upholstered Pneumatic Laboratory Chairs are biomechanically and ergonomically engineered.

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