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Protecting our homeland and our communities is your first priority. Protecting you is ours.

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Mass Casualty Products

We offer everything needed to respond to a natural or manmade mass casualty incident with products for incident command, triage, trauma care, immobilization, personal protective equipment and infection control, helping to mitigate overwhelming local logistical capabilities.


Law Enforcement Products

At Fisher Scientific, we understand that protective equipment is not an option for law enforcement, but the difference between walking away from an assault or dangerous circumstance — or not. We supply law enforcement agencies with protective gear for situations from traffic control to drug lab response and more.


HazMat and WMD Products

Fisher Scientific carries the advanced equipment first responders need to detect hazardous, weaponized materials, the head-to-toe personal protective equipment to safeguard against toxic chemicals, biological toxins and military warfare agents, and the supplies necessary to contain the hazards.


Military Products

We're dedicated to outfitting the personnel who proudly serve our country and defend our liberties at home and abroad. We offer products and services to meet the varying needs of each service branch. Many of our products are available through our GSA schedule and other contracting vehicles for purchasing ease.



Contract and Procurement Programs

Fisher Scientific is a leading provider of emergency response and preparedness equipment to responders at all government levels, including the U.S. military. We participate in various contract and procurement programs that offer special pricing and options for our federal, state and local government customers.


Our most popular contracts and procurement programs are listed below — many others are available at the local level (To learn more about what is available, contact your Fisher Scientific sales representative.). First responders count on Fisher Scientific experience and knowledge from incident preplanning through recovery.

  • Federal and Military Government Customers
  • GSA Advantage Schedule 84 for Law Enforcement, Fire and Security
  • State and Local Government Customers
  • GSA Advantage Schedule 84 for Law Enforcement, Fire and Security
  • HGACBuy
  • NASPO Contracts
  • NY Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (HIRE) Contract

Choose a contract below for more information:

OMNIA Partners Laboratory Products

OMNIA Partners and the Fisher Scientific channel are committed to providing laboratory products to colleges and universities, K-12 school systems, and state and local government agencies.


Find cost-saving solutions that help you simplify your procurement process, stay within budget, and meet other requirements.

Take advantage of these great benefits:

  • Competitively solicited and awarded cooperative contract
  • OMNIA Partners segment market basket
  • Custom market basket for each participating agency
  • Deep category discounts
  • No shipping costs or handling fees on standard deliveries
  • Diverse supplier programs
  • Sustainability incentive programs
  • Patronage rebate opportunities
  • And more
Learn More About OMNIA Partners

GSA Advantage Schedule 84 (Law Enforcement, Fire and Security)

GSA Advantage is a one-stop online resource that provides federal purchasers, as well as state and local government purchasers, with access to a comprehensive selection of products and services. Fisher Scientific currently lists its product offering through Schedule 84 for Law Enforcement, Fire and Security.


Benefits of using GSA Advantage

  • Using GSA Advantage ensures that you are getting GSA-negotiated pricing and dealing with GSA-approved sources
  • Easily search or browse via keywords, part numbers, NSNs, manufacturer name, contractor name or contract number
  • Registered users enjoy full benefits of GSA Advantage – including purchasing
  • Multiple payment options (SmartPay GPC, AAC or DODAAC)
  • Paperless transactions
  • Detailed order history lets you track the status of your order

How to Start Buying Through GSA Advantage

Registering is quick and easy. Simply visit the GSA Advantage website and click on "Register." To learn more about GSA Advantage, contact one of our customer service representatives at +1 800-226-4732 or visit the GSA Advantage website and click on "Customer Assistance."

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HGAC Buy for Emergency Medical & Rescue Equipment 

A "government-to-government" cooperative purchasing program offering members expedited procurement, discounts, technical specifications, research and contract administration.


Developed more than 30 years ago by the Houston-Galveston Area Council, HGACBuy is a nationwide program that reaches local governments and government-related agencies well outside the borders of Texas.

The Fisher Scientific contract with HGACBuy provides agencies nationwide access to more than 75,000 products already competitively bid from the following first responder and general safety equipment categories:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Detection and monitoring
  • Hazardous storage and spill containment
  • Firefighting and technical rescue equipment
  • Medical and mass casualty support
  • Fall protection and confined space
  • Facility safety
  • Physical security
  • Traffic safety

Visit HGAC Buy

Idaho WSCA/NASPO Cooperative Lab Equipment and Supplies Contract 

Fisher Scientific was co-awarded this multi-state contract by the State of Idaho (lead state) for laboratory equipment and supplies for NASPO participating states and their authorized entities.


In addition to the full-line catalog of laboratory equipment and supplies listed on this contract, safety and first responder products are also included:

  • First aid products — including AEDs
  • SCBAs, EEBAs
  • Instrumentation — including combustible gas and oxygen detectors and thermal imaging cameras (TICs)
  • Turnout gear, all levels of hazmat and CBRNE apparel, specialty clothing for EMS and USAR
  • Helmets — firefighting, EMS and USAR
  • Gloves — including structural and proximity firefighting, extrication, rope and chemical resistant
  • Boots — structural, proximity and wildland firefighting as well as station duty, USAR and chemical resistant
  • Equipment — forcible entry tools (FET) and ventilation (i.e., saws and blowers)
  • Extinguishers and foam
  • Shelters (i.e., decon, incident command, morgue, hospital, temporary housing)
  • Training mannequins, videos and books
States currently with participating addendums with Fisher Scientific:
To find out if your state or agency is participating in the Idaho WSCA/NASPO contract contact your state's chief procurement official or visit the WSCA/NASPO website to access your contract administrator.


NY Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (HIRE) Contract

This highly acclaimed multi-state cooperative purchasing contract was developed by NASPO and the New York Office of General Services (NY OSG).


The HIRE contracts were the first nationwide procurement system developed for states and localities to purchase homeland security items with State Homeland Security Program grants.

Since its inception in 2005, NY OGS has successfully awarded contracts to dozens of vendors representing over 100,000 items in over 800 product lines — providing its participating members with a streamlined procurement process and significant cost savings.

Approximately 7,500 Fisher Scientific products are available through the HIRE contract's authorized equipment list, which includes the following:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Explosive device mitigation and remediation equipment
  • CBRNE search and rescue equipment
  • Detection equipment
  • Decontamination equipment
  • Physical security enhancement equipment
  • Terrorism incident prevention equipment
  • CBRNE logistical support equipment
  • Agricultural terrorism prevention, response and mitigation equipment
  • Intervention equipment
  • Other authorized equipment

In addition to the product offering listed above, Fisher Scientific also extends to its first responder customers purchasing through the NY HIRE Contract, complimentary access and use of its Quartermaster web-based program. Capabilities include:

  • Listing of Fisher Scientific products under NY HIRE contract
  • Secure online tracking of funds spent through Fisher Scientific
  • Customized spending reports

Leasing Program: Discover the Benefits of Financing

Through Fisher Scientific, lease life-saving protective equipment that not only ensures personal safety, but assists in environmental monitoring in which First Responders serve and protect.


Now, we offer access to leasing and financing options to ensure that responders can purchase the equipment that they need, when the need it so they can Protect What Matters Most.

Program Benefits

Through Thermo Fisher Financial Services, we provide creative, competitive and comprehensive financial solutions for capital purchase needs.

Our programs provide:

  • Minimal Capital Expenditures – Department money is not tied up in equipment costs so it can be diverted to other urgent needs, such as protective equipment or training
  • Pay-As-You-Go – Leasing provides you with the use of the equipment for a low monthly payment so you're able to pay as you use
  • Low, Fixed Payments – By locking in your payments now, you can avoid inflation risk in the future
  • Longer Terms – We offer financing terms from 12-60 months, while most banks only provide 12-36 month loans
You'll also appreciate the simplicity of our programs and the ability to bundle equipment purchases with consumables and service into one, easy-to-manage package. In addition, we are experienced in addressing the individual requirements of municipal and government procurement processes and can accept non-appropriation of funds language.
Customer Service

Fisher Scientific Customer ServiceTo better serve the diverse needs of our first responder customers, the Fisher Scientific customer service team is divided into two groups: one focused solely on the federal government and military, the other on state and local government. Each group is experienced in providing solutions that help our customers do what they do best: Protect What Matters Most.

Toll-Free Telephone
Federal Government & Military: +1 800-772-6733
State & Local Government: +1 888-263-5319

Fax: 866-897-9946

Business Hours
Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. EST
Plus, 24/7 answering service for after-hour and holiday emergencies.

Mailing Address
Fisher Scientific
3970 Johns Creek Ct., Suite 500
Attn: NFP Safety Depot
Suwanee, GA 30024

Quotes Teams With more than 35 years of combined experience, our behind-the-scenes quote team works directly with our customer service representatives and sales professionals to find the equipment that you need. They “put themselves in your boots” and ask the same questions of our vendors that you would — often times matching or exceeding your requirements — ensuring both product quality and price are key elements in their recommendations. They are focused in their efforts, so you can focus on yours: Protecting What Matters Most!

For Customers With Established Fisher Scientific Accounts

  • Credit Card (Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®)
  • Check (accepted as payment with invoice; note we do not accept checks prior to order placement)
  • ACH or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Download our form here to initiate this convenient payment method
  • VeriCheck ® (check-by-phone method). Simply provide your customer service representative with one of the following: check number, ABA number or account number
  • MILSTRIP or Form II55 (military only)
  • Form 1449 (military only)
  • WAWF (military only)

Our customer service team can also provide assistance with GSA Advantage, DoD EMALL, IDIQ, E-CAT and other contract-based procurement programs.

Not a Fisher Scientific Customer?

Our customer service representatives are happy to assist you with your product purchase — even if you do not have an established account with us. Simply provide us with one of the accepted credit cards listed below. Please note some products restrictions may apply.

  • Credit Card (Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®)

How Do I Obtain a Fisher Scientific Account? If your agency or organization is interested in setting up an account with us, download the application and then complete and submit your information via email at or via fax at +1 866-897-9946. Our new accounts coordinator will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours.


We ship within the contiguous United States, as well as to overseas military installations through military depots.

Standard U.S. Delivery

Fisher Scientific works very hard to ensure that your products arrive on time. Please provide a complete mailing address* so that our preferred shippers (UPS® Ground and FedEx® Ground) can provide prompt delivery.

In-stock items typically ship out from one of our 11 warehouses within 3 to 5 business days. Non-stocked items will ship directly from our vendors to your address. Custom items may take longer (from 3 to 6 weeks).

* Physical street address — no PO boxes, please.

Expedited Delivery

Our customer service representatives can expedite delivery to meet your requirements. Additional charges may apply.

Overseas Military Installations

Shipments to overseas military installations are handled via a military depot.

Return Policy

All returns must be made within 30 days of receiving your order. View our return policy.


Fisher Safety will honor manufacturers' suggested warranty. Review more information on our warranty.



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