Balances, Scales and Weighing

Balances, Scales and Weighing

Laboratory balances are used to accurately determine the mass or weight of an item or substance within a specific weight range and to a particular readability.

They are typically used to measure the weight of smaller amounts of substances in grams, milligrams, or micrograms. The term “scale” is typically used when referring to similar instruments that weigh larger amounts in kilograms.

Depending on your application, you must choose the type of laboratory balance that is best suited for your needs. They include electronic toploading, analytical, moisture, and mechanical balances.

Electronic Toploading Balances

Also called precision balances, these instruments have a higher capacity than analytical balances. Considered semi-analytical, they usually have readabilities to 0.01g.

Analytical Balances

Analytical balances have finer readability, are much more sensitive to changes, and can detect smaller variations in mass than toploading balances. Semi-micro and microbalances are part of this category with much smaller capacities and higher resolutions.

Moisture Balances

Moisture balances measure the amount of liquid in a substance and are often used in food testing. They weigh the existing item or product, apply heat to evaporate any moisture, and re-weigh to provide the data used to calculate the moisture content.

Mechanical Balances

Often used for training or education, these analog balances include spring (dynamometers), pan or bucket, platform, trip, and triple-beam balances. Some mechanical balances have digital displays but are still mechanically operated.

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Top Categories

Top Categories


Detect Fine Variations

Analytical Balances

These highly precise laboratory balances are designed to detect small variations in mass. They are typically designed with an enclosed measuring pan to avoid the influences of dust and air currents.

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View Exact Readouts

Electric Toploading Balances

Also known as precision balances, they feature digital readouts to enable weighing quantities to a precise number. Considered semi-analytical, they usually have readabilities to 0.01g.

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Identify Quantities of Liquid

Moisture Analyzers

Also known as moisture balances or moisture meters, these balances feature heating and weighing components to measure the moisture content in paste and solid materials.

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